Packaging Box

Balaji Pallets Pvt. Ltd. has dedicated years in providing a wide range of wooden box, wooden pallets, wooden crates and other wooden boxes that help in packing. Packing is a necessary operation that takes place in all the industries that manufacture any kind of product. To pack the products and materials effectively, we offer a wide assortment of packing boxes in various specifications. The peak quality of our products is obtained by the hard work and dedication of our workforce.

We believe in providing the best efficient packaging box that entirely gratifies the customer’s needs. The packaging boxes we provide are prepared from the best in grade wooden boxes prepared in different models and designs that suit the packing needs of the material.

Each of the wooden boxes is made with utter care and supervision of the quality experts and is finally verified under the quality check parameters. We arrange them in the most effective way that they completely handle the storage and ensure safe transportation of the material or object stored in it. These boxes are not just provided in the domestic market of India but are even exported in the international market to meet the demands of the foreign clients.

Exclusive product range of Packaging Box

Why chose us?

Our industry is spread over a large area. We have occupied this area with the various departments that handle all the processes from raw material storage to checking final end product and storing them properly. We utilize latest technology and top grade materials to fabricate the packaging box. These boxes are made in different shape and design to suit the need of the packing industry. We are well equipped with best machines that enable us in providing the widest range of boxes that come in different materials. Each of the boxes we manufacture is made as per the need of the client and the type of product that is to be stored in it. These boxes come in various type of wooden material like plywood, etc. to make them durable.

Nearly 2 decades of experience in the field as manufacturer of the packaging boxes, we have attained the top most position in providing the best and most reliable wooden boxes.

These boxes are made as per the dimensions that are ordered by the customer. There are various designs and specification from which the customer can choose the most suitable box that matches the requirement of packing the goods. They are well known in the Indian market for their supreme performance and reliability. These wooden boxes are completely safe to use and can be easily lifted and shifted from one place to another.

Our Unique Features:

  • Best grade wood used
  • Various designs
  • Different shape and size
  • Shock absorbance property of packaging box
  • Precise dimensions
  • Reasonable price
  • Timely delivery
Advantages of our Packaging box
  • Wooden boxes are made from top quality wood obtained from tree branches and skin hence they can last for longer time
  • The boxes are prepared in supreme design to convey the material smoothly
  • Our wooden boxes are capable to handle heavy weight due to strong body
  • They can be easily stacked on over another without collapsing or deforming
  • Rather than using containers made from other metals, wooden boxes are eco friendly and does not cause any harm to the environment.
  • They are highly durable compared to other cardboard boxes or paper bags.
  • They boxes can easily withstand tough conditions as they have robust plastic lining
  • We even offer them in waterproof structure and design
  • Variety of design in the presented wooden box, carton box, machine packaging case and jumbo wooden boxes.